A Letter to YouTube

A Letter to YouTube

I get up every morning and check for views 

Nobodies been watching my channel its like I said something bad about a Jew

So how can I grow my channel without any views

The top ten tips in Bull-S**T I presume

I know what I could do have a Gender Change that’s trending right now I might even get on the news

Be careful in what you say you might get banned for that controversial view

Dam you YouTube what to do 

How do I get more people to view?

Shall I talk about Ancient History, UFOs, Egypt, and Sumerian Tablets

Maybe Flat Earth and None Moon Landings

Or How to be Rich to Be a Millionaire

To have what you want 

Life is not all about money Be a Guru who cares

Get a rented Mansion a sports car to pull off that front

Be more funny and confident

How do I cope 

Have faith and hope 

Views and Likes are like electronic Dope

So here I am writing this letter too you 

To express my view on how I get more views on YouTube


Dwain Laing

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