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Hi and welcome to RME (Rume Music Equipment) we are Dedicated to Music, The lovers of Music, The Players of Instruments.

We are help the music producer find the right Gear to produce that original sound or make a new one. For the Vocalist finding the right mic for Studio/PA.

From Newbie to Pro we are Service Inform and inspire.

About Dwain Laing Founder

Being Born In 1974 I can say I am one off the lucky people in this world that has the experience music from the 1930s till now, looking back now, with our grand parents to our parents to my generation and beyond, a century of music evolution.

We had the pleasure to discover such a wide range of music, a mile long buffet you can stop eating, it’s was all inspiring discovering new bands, old bands and Artist.

The great artist & innovators have invented instruments sounds and songs we never forget, that have changed people place and even planets.

Some once said Art & Artist are the closest people to the gods maybe that’s true all I can say is what I have experience playing the drums, and this with every Art it’s a spiritual thing an unseen force that combines the need to express to connect to a higher power that flows through you and connects your spirit to that medium.

Yes with X-Factor, Big Money, Fame, Fortune and Face Book. Music has lost Its importance in our lives. It was custom for at least one member of the family or one person in the village that had the ability to strike up a song or bang out some kind of rhythm to stir up a sound, something to entertain the masses.

Not only did I grow up in the best music era ever my father sang in a Reggae bands he was also a promoter my step father played bass guitar in a rock band I learned how to play drums in basement of our house, 12 George St Lozzells Birmingham.

Most of my dads friends played in bands my step fathers band played all kinds styles. So I grew up with someone was either carrying a musical instrument playing musical instrument or talking about music and listening to music. I had a real musical child Hood I was Lucky

Then Hip Hop arrived and then Instrument became UN cool to a 9-Year Old, whose new hero was a guy with no Instruments bright track suit saying some cool stuff with a bunch of other guys and girls dancing, some of them was spin on their backs and heads no Instruments insight “I want to do that,”

But the funny thing is I would always play the drums when ever got the chance it gave me such pleasure just me drum-kit and a damp cold cellar it’s was great ! Now I am music producer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to Help all to find A Instrument to inspire you to learn if you are new, To add to your collection if you are a pro helping parents to equip their kids talents.

We are here for new players and Pros alike, playing a Musical Instrument is for life, Practice does not make perfect.

Practice is the search for Perfection.!

Great way for us all to gain so much Its builds confidence in other parts of your life just like a gym helps you get fitter, now you can run down the road and catch that bus.

Music is frequency music is life Music brings friends together, heels break-ups, saves relationship and we all know music has other heeling properties.


There is no better feeling Learning some new chords and getting a bunch mates that have also been learning some new technique and having a jam it’s a great feeling.

We are on mission to get more and more people to take up a musical instrument we believe it’s a human tradition and we must keep alive.

We are RME Rumemusicequipment

To Sorce the very best Music Instruments and equipment to give the very best a high quality service. To deliver the very best services. All our products and services comes with a guarantee of high quality and if found not to be satisfactory we will not Stock or promoted on our web-site.

Our Purpose is to get more of the population into Playing Music Producing Music building an International community of musician.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Dwain Laing


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