Midi Controllers & Digital Instruments-The future Of Creation Is Here

Midi Controllers & Digital Instruments.

I was researching Digital Music for this article when I came up I am going to write about Midi Controllers, partly for this article and for my personal rebuilding my own studio.

I was googling if that’s a word when I came across this new age up to date 21stCentury Digital Midi Controllers that aide the Record producer/ Artist to another level I was shocked to my boots I got so excited.

When I saw the midi controllers I was sick to think how did these amazing innovation in Digital Music production just pass me by I don’t know how long they have been out for all I know is when I saw for Example the.

Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 – USB MPE MIDI Controller Multi-instrument for Guitar, Violin, Piano, Drums and Music Production (iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC), black

The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 is a new kind of digital instrument that adapts to the way you play. It’s the first MIDI controller that lets you strum, slide, tap, and drum any sound on a single interface.

I had to Take a breath to rub my eyes like I must be seeing things it just blew my mind I got have me one of those bad boys I love the fact you play Guitar Violin creating a more lifelike sound instead of pressing keys on a conventional midi controller or keyboard.

To me natural sounds wind and string instruments it can be really hard to get that feel from your keyboard as you would with a real orchestra.

Man this piece of tech must be a must in anybody s studio I am getting me one of those that’s for sure I when I do another write up about it Yam Kid its on my list for my studio wow man I am just buzzing about the possibility with this midi controller it has risen the bar and starting the journey give me a heaven amount of inspiration and drive to have been doing what you want I Love technology that delivers on so many fronts breaking down walls of privilege leaving the playing field opening up the gates the life experiences. Please leave a comment if have any thoughts, Please leave a comment.

Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 – USB MPE MIDI Controller Multi-instrument for Guitar, Violin, Piano, Drums and Music Production (iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC), black

Let Look at a couple of Features.

Play guitar, bass, synth, violin, drum pads, and more, on a revolutionary MIDI controller

The first fretted and fretless digital string instrument; low-latency, pressure-sensitive playing

Ultra Portable: Lightweight and 6-Hour Battery Life; USB & Lightning Cable iOS and Mac Connectivity – 2 Stereo Speakers & Headphones.

Includes: Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1, power supply (including international adapters), Lightning to USB mini cable, USB to Mini USB-B cable, The Artiphon iOS App is available free in the Apple App Store

INSTRUMENT 1 can hold eight presets (and you can hold an infinite amount on your iPad, iPhone, or computer).

There are four factory presets, including Guitar, Violin, Piano, and Drums. Additionally, there are four users presets, which are customizable banks, giving you the ability to mix and match modes, methods, tunings, and sounds.

This makes INSTRUMENT 1 a powerful, versatile MIDI controller, especially when used with a Digital Audio Workstations such as Logic Pro X, Garage Band, Ableton Live, Reason, Cubase, Pro Tools; and powerful VST plug-ins such as Kontakt, Serum, or BOLT.


Every day a new idea is born, Every day a new baby is born, Someday are special days that we remember some of them even get Holiday Status be should differently remember the launch of this Midi Controller as one of those days.

The future of music creation is already here.  

 Please leave a comment appreciated.

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying!

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8 thoughts on “Midi Controllers & Digital Instruments-The future Of Creation Is Here

  1. First of all I love listening to music. I don’t know anything about creating songs and all that. Be that as it may, I love the website for how informative and we’ll it’s constructed without a lot of clutter and stuff that doesn’t pertain to the article. I hope that my websites will be as thorough and we’ll thought out as this. I wish you well and many success in your endeavors.

    1. Thanks for your comment appreciated and input about the site I was worried it did not have enough graphic design to it I will have to rethink thanks again
      Kind Regards
      Dwain Laing

  2. My daughter has been really into music lately and she would love this. She has been learning about music in school and really wants to get into digital instruments and actually at one point said it’d be fun to learn to be a DJ. Obviously this is a different items then that, but she really wants to get into this stuff. Thanks for the recommendation. Is there any specific features I should look for?


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. All the best for you and yours regarding DJ and digital Instruments all the best music producers learn there craft being a DJ so that’s is a great place to start For anyone who wants to get into making music. All the features are consistent in what all kind of different midi controllers does as the slave, for example, electric drum kit would have its own an interface to go straight into your computer ready to record. An Electric Guitar would need a separate Mid Interface.
      I Hope I have answered your questions all check out my set up studio post and quick look guide.
      Kind Regards
      Dwain Laing

  3. Hello; It is a great privilege for us these days to be in the technology age, so many things to get us excited. And musical instruments are nowhere behind. Your newfound Midi Controller tells the story loud and clear. 

    Your Studio will be among the top-notch Studios in your area when you are finished stocking up on new digital instruments. Best of success in your journey. Do you believe that technology will upgrade from CD to something else soon?


    1. Thanks for lovely comments appreciated blessing to and yours Music Technology Fasciates that’s for sure. Regarding your Question CD to something else it is all going to be Digital Music, Films and TV Streaming, it is going to be the Future.
      Kind Regards
      Dwain Laing

  4. Oh wow; most of these musical features look interesting. Intriguing in the matter of purchasing. I have a very talented individual at my home who is gifted when it comes to playing drums, guitar and piano without musical notes; just by musical ear. This musical furniture looks like something I’d like to purchase. 

    1. I am the same I can not read music but I can read drum sheet music I can play a little on other instruments that’s why I wrote the article the possibilities are amazing if you have not been formally coach to play an instrument I am glad you enjoyed the post.
      kind Regards
      Dwain Laing

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