Not Just a PianoI was Dream Build one day

Not Just a Piano



I was Dream Build one day, and for those who don’t know what that is its when you think and write down what you would buy if money is no object. The exercise is to stretch your imagination and belief in getting what you want out of life its part of self-development training. Anyway,

I was dream building and I was thinking about what kind of music instrument I would have in my mansion

I always dreamed of owning a grand piano in my studio suite or by large lounge room. A brand New Steinhoven Pianos I went looking to find the most expensive piano you could buy.
I said to buy my self amazon lets see what is there most expensive Piano, and to be honest with you I was thinking “oh yeah right I don’t think Amazon is a good place to start so but let’s strike them off the list and move on”. So I put in the amazon search engine “Grand Piano” then I click on the Highest price and bam

It is stunning wow I was amazed OK amazon that’s a lot of money for a fancy Piano next step Google. I Googled “what is the most expensive piano” and I found some of the most amazing Designed crafted pianos I ever thought existed I pick just a few that struck me down for style, design & price.

Only The Top 1% have the money for some of these amazing piece of furniture for those million-pound homes I don’t think you get crowed funding
for one of this beautiful elegant piece of sculpture that not just looks awesome, it also produces a signature sounds that’s why I can say it is one of the favourite musical instruments please leave a comment on what’s your favourite and why below you will see some of these

The found another crystal piano the price is a much as most people will ever see in their lifetimes £2,645,850 Crystal Piano by Heintzman & Co I can say it is just a wonderful thing to own and be able to play but not this piano

according to pianist it was only played once and then retired after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

One can say the sound of a real piano playing at home in a train station or in a major concert hall does something to you and your soul well me anyway please leave a comment what does to you live piano the vibration of the strings before the hammer hits them bam! resonating through you.

I had an amazing experience in a train station when I was a Trade Plate driver.     I can not recall where I was or which train station all this happened I sat down waiting for the train it was not due for another 15-20 minutes so I pulled out one of the books out if my bag to get some reading in but then I heard it the light touch of the fingers tapping the key like a drop of water tap a body of water.

I can recall Sean but I can not remember information like location time and date and so on.

Back to the story, one piano set up in the main lobby people going about their business a scruffy lucking student walks up to the piano lifts up the key cover and starts to play the classical piece by Beethoven the fancy name is:

The Piano Sonata No. 14 in C♯ minor “Quasi una fantasia”, op. 27, No. 2, by Ludwig van Beethoven


It was like being in a Hollywood movie everything everyone slowed down to the tempo and was one of those cereal events that just captures you and the moment, you could not write it beautiful swirling music playing through the station, people all finding a space to absorb the moment the station stood still in time.

Everyone for about 5 minutes stop people where buying tickets at the ticket office some grabbing a coffee from the coffee stand noisy impatient children even stop messing about with their parents able to take in the spectacle the cleaner leaning on his broom listening intently even a Businesswoman that was running to her connection slowed down a bit to take in the wonderful.

The wind blowing musical notes through the air resonating to and through everyone and everything, it was electric. I do find it hard to put into words, Awesome! just Awesome!!


















Look at this wonder Sound of Harmony Concert Grand, Steinway & Sons | this musical Instruments masterpiece come in at £1.3m the lid is replicated artwork by Chinese painter Shi Qi. Made with 40 different kinds of wood.



The futuristic Bogany the Bat-Piano Gergely Bogany leading European pianist designed this amazing High Tech Stylish Instrument it should be in the bat cave.




It is safe to say if I ever become a millionaire I will not be spoiled for choice it will not be the money problem it will be “I want them all” not a bad problem to

have “which million pound piano do I buy today” I hope you enjoyed this post please leave a comment below what would you buy if money was no object.



6 thoughts on “Not Just a PianoI was Dream Build one day

  1. Awesome article.. I do dream build also, maybe often, when I was a little younger. There was a time I read and watch tons of video about this lovely instrument called piano (I was really obsessed then). How could it have being if one can get all of this, for oneself. It can still happen in the future anyways.

    Interesting read.


  2. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing with us so nice article about Piano. In a word, I can say I am also a Piano lover. There are no other musical instruments sound does well than piano I think. I loved the piano but I never have seen so many type variety pianos which you showed here. And your choice is very good. I love your idea of what you said here. I think I could do the same thing as you if I got money, and choice comes to but any musical instruments, I will buy a piano as well. Thanks again for this amazing article.

    1. Thanks for your comments I am so glad you enjoyed the post They so many unusual pieces I will be doing another article about more weird and beautiful musical instruments al the best hope we will speak soon. 

  3. Great article, I have seen many pianos before reading this write-up, and I discovered none of them is as quality as the one mentioned here;The crystal piano the price is a much as most people will ever see in their lifetimes £2,645,850 Crystal Piano, this is awesome, I could not believe this until I got it from your article, is typically a great instrument of music,thank you for this informative review

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