Portable Vinyl Record Player Turntables – The Coolest gift for any Record collector

Portable Vinyl Record Player Turntables – The Coolest gift for any Record collector

The briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player Turntables is a great way to get those Goldie’s oldies out and have a nostalgic night in playing in an intimate setting. Quick & easy to set up to get the mood right.

Real cool you have just moved into a new house or flat and you find the record boxes and you have found the sound system but it’s a bit much to get it out and start messing with wires amps & speakers at this time and you want to play a couple of tunes while you unpack these portable vinyl records are a great answer.

A great sound quality playing through your new house your favorite album after finding the kettle and getting that first cuppa down you. A great gift idea for friends, parent’s grandparents, Teenagers, and kids.

Vinyl Record Player Turntable, By MUSITREND Portable Suitcase with Built-in Speakers, PC/SD Recorder, Headphone Jack, RCA line out (Wood)

Portable Vintage Design – Vintage styled stand-alone vinyl record player; Briefcase/suitcase design for easy portability and stylish looks with carrying handle

Multifunction – Built-in dynamic full range stereo speakers, RCA output, headphone jack and rear phono connection for connecting the record player to your home stereo

3 Speed Record Player – Adjustable to play 33 1/3, 45 or 78 RPM records; Convert records to digital files by supplied software.

Material – Wooden cabinet with PU leather wrapping; Pitch Control for Adjusting the Record Speed; Volume Control button included

Over the past few years’ vinyls has seen quite a resurgence in popularity, from the nostalgic collectors to young enthusiasts.

Vinyl is coming back in a bigger way than many could have predicted.

This turntable aims to bridge the gap between old school music playing and the new age (digital music) in a compact retro looking wrapper.


A Great Gift for Music Lovers. A Party with a Vintage Sound, Entertainment for A Intimate setting like dinner for 2. I like these Vinyl Record Players Turntables

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Dwain Laing

2 thoughts on “Portable Vinyl Record Player Turntables – The Coolest gift for any Record collector

  1. Thanks for this informative post, This is a lovely record player that looks pretty much the same as others on the market that are way more expensive. Yes, the handle is a little different from others mentioned,  but it looks nice this way In terms of the sound quality, you get what you’d expect,  thanks for sharing. I’m looking to get this for hosting a good party.

    1. Thank you for your comment glad you enjoyed the article it is a lovely looking piece.

      ps. Don’t For Get My Invite To The PARTY!!!!! 


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