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Studio Rack.

Home Studio Racks & Tables.

When you start out do you really need a fit for purpose Studio Rack or Studio table, will just a good size kitchen table work I remember some fixing a kitchen worktop to a wall about 6-8 ft. long a wall then to small shelves either side a couple of ft. higher for your monitors.

but you can buy a studio rack or table that will fit everything away nice and tidy If you restricted by space The new working console for home studio projects.

If you are going to build a home studio you might as well do right from the get-go.


GLORIOUS DJ BLACK WORKBENCH Home studio accessories Studio Rack & Table.

A working station that is equally intended for producers, studio engineers, and hobby musicians.

The construction is extremely robust, assembly is simple and easy in no time you will have this noble piece of furniture.

Whether amplifier, a studio mixer, microphone, keyboard, headphones or other equipment:

Everything can be stored ergonomically and it all remains in reach.

The pull-out drawer is very convenient for placing a master keyboard on top. The total length of the keyboard shelf is 1234mm by 275mm.

When no longer required the drawer can easily and comfortably have pushed back thus facilitating a comfortable workflow for the PC /Mac desk.

Simple cavities for cable guides are self-evident and there is also enough space for DVDs, books or accessories.

On the elevated second level, it is possible to smoothly place large TFT displays.

On the left and right side of this monitor space, you can find two designated trays for studio monitor speakers.

The chief attraction is that these trays are removable. This way it is possible to find the perfect position for the speakers..


Studio Rack – Table Convenient Producing Workstation For Home And Project Studios.

Available in Three-Colour Variant’s




Extremely Robust Construction.

Pull-out drawer for keyboards.

2 x 4 RU 19 racks.

Space for CDs, DVDs, books, etc.

Cavities for cable guiding.

Enough space for PC keyboard, mouse, studio mixer and further equipment expansions.

The second level for large displays.

Convenient, resolvable trays for monitor speakers.

The total length of the keyboard shelf is 1234mm by 275mm.

Material: massive MDF wood
Dimensions: 1520 x 951 x 550 mm
Dimensions with rotary tables: 1560 x 980 x 551
Weight: 43 kg

Easy and trouble-free assembly

It is a good idea to check your All your dimensions and included your work & recording area so many people only measure the actual Studio Rack or Table. Only to find they can only work at certain times when they are not I the way of kids dogs mums dads etc.

So think about where is the best quietest and out of the way from the main traffic rooms of the house Spare bedroom, the attic is a good place to start.

I hope This helps and inspires Setting up Your Studio Rack or Table also check out my article Studio set up.

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying!

Dwain Laing!

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