The First Instrument the Voice!! Singing Vocal lesson & Tips

The First Instrument the Voice!!

Singing Vocal lesson & Tips

There is some special about the voice it has capture our imagination for all time mankind when did we start speaking my questions when did we start singing as humans what was the first song and why was it sang and who wrote the first song who was the first performers how song writing and singing has evolved it is quite a list to think about That’s one of the reasons I chose to write this article to see where a little research would take me to find the best singing vocal lesson and tips can you train to be a good singer or is it a gift The History of singing the history may have left a few clues.

A Little Singing History

The voice is presumed to be the original musical instrument, and there is no human culture, no matter how remote or isolated, that does not sing

It is likely the earliest singing was individualistic and improvisatory, a simple imitation of the sounds heard in nature.

They say the people of Egypt talk about the, Ancient Egyptian Priest sang the blocks of the pyramid’s in to place.

It is a song, the Sumerian Hymn to Creation, dated before 800 B.C., which is the oldest notated music extant.

Grecian culture had a highly developed art music that showed signs of both a folk music origin and some Egyptian influence. The poetry of Sappho (600 B.C.) and others was often sung in contests, with melodies and rhythms based on the poetic meters. Singing was associated with all forms of literature and with dance.

The Judaic culture has preserved some melodies that may go back to 500 B.C.

After the destruction of the Second Temple, in 70 A.D., Jewish music became exclusively vocal.

Singing was such an important part of early Christian worship that it’s ritual and music developed together and became almost inseparable

In the fourth century A.D., Christianity became established as the official religion of the Roman Empire and a SCHOLA CANTORUM was founded by Pope Sylvester. The Roman Catholic Church would control the development of Western music for the next thirteen centuries.

I think that’s enough history Lesson for one day we can say humans have been singing for a long time so can another human teach, help, coach another human to sing. We either think we can sing and we can’t sing a note, we can’t sing and you know it, we can sing but you don’t think you can and someone else thinks you have a beautiful Voice. 

We all have a laugh when someone stars as a singer and X Factor come to or _____ Got Talent. They think they sound like should Whitney Houston (May she Rest in Peace), and they sound more like Howdy Houston the Junk Yard dog! 

When does a singing coach draw the line and tell the enthusiastic budding star/client honestly don’t give up your day job! They can not give any singing vocal lesson anymore. 

Then you listen to some Artist and they sound amazing we all presume they are just gifted all they had to do was open their mouths and the Heavens come flowing out. 

It is true people have a gift and with every gift it is always needs a polish all of us start out with ruff edges and singing is no expectation everyone can improve with singing vocal lesson just like most people can learn to drive but not everybody can Win the F1 Formula Championship it’s same with singing you can learn to breathe right for example I’m not a singing coach but you get the idea. 

The famous Singer Dionne Warwick was Whitney Houston’s First cousin and singing coach. What ever your talent, trade, industry, you can always benefit from someone’s experience and Knowledge. 

And people have produce a wide range of singing vocal lesson and a wide range of course to help and coach the budding singer. What I have come to understand is if believe you can sing you can do alright with a little training.

Here are a couple of tips and exercises that pros still do.

Always remember to warm up.

Your vocal chords are just like any other muscle; they need to warm up before heavy use. To warm up, you can do simple scales, choose a relatively easy song, or hum. Don’t try to shock your voice by trying to go up and down your entire range right off the bat.

Pace yourself

Sing every chance you get. Practice is very important in any art or discipline, and singing is no exception.

Stay Hydrated.

When you let your throat get dry, your voice is impacted in a very negative way. It can get hoarse or raspy, and forgetting to hydrate before going out on stage can, over time, cause permanent damage to your vocal cords.

Keep Your Lungs Healthy.

There are many things that can, over time, slowly cause your lungs to deteriorate. Smoking Drinking Excessive Alcohol working in dusty and chemical environments without protection you must consider the long term effects on your body, it will prematurely shorten the life of a great set of vocal chords.

Regular cardiovascular exercise, like aerobics or running, helps increase your lung capacity and healthy.

Take from other singers/artists Study The Best To be The Best

But develop your own style. It is art it’s your expression. Practice in front of others. Many first timers find that gathering enough confidence to perform in front of an audience for the first time is one of the biggest hurdles to leap. It is also a great confidence builder some people say start off practicing in front of friends and family now that can be a hindrance than a benefit, that will be up to you to determine, how supportive your friends and family are.

Start to record your self is another good confidence builder to when you start to hear yourself from outside one you sound different that’s the first thing to get comfortable with. Then thinking you sound good belief helps with that.

Study other Singers study Your craft and Practice! Practice! Practice!

Consider online singing lessons. Before you go out and spend a wad of cash on a face-to-face singing vocal instructor, consider learning how to sing better with the most comprehensive and up-to-date singing vocal lesson software like Singorama first. The entire course will probably cost you about the same amount as one session with some singing instructors. But with Singorama, you receive every technique and method there is to know about singing – with the luxury of practicing at your own leisure. Experiencing vocal breakthroughs, no matter what stage your voice is at. 


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I hope you enjoyed this article as I did writing it thanks for your time Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying!

Dwain Laing

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  1. This was informative. Kudos for not going too deep with the history part. I think I overdue that with my posts. The tone was fluent but there were grammatical blips in some places. it is usually just an omitted word here and there. But you got your point across. I like your site layout. You could put in more images though. I would have put a picture under each subtitle. For example, I would put a picture of a person drinking a bottle of water under the “Stay hydrated” section. And maybe put a man or woman exercising under “Keep your lungs healthy” area.

    That is my opinion however. Nice post!

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