The Million Dollar Recording

The Million Dollar Recording

When you think about a Million Dollar Recording, you always think of a hit song. And yes you would be right a hit song but what if I told you in the early 1900s A man named Earl Nightingale made a recording for a sales team meeting he could not attend so he recorded the strangest secret. Unknown to the world and him self would be born a Billion Dollar Industry called self development.

The recording had such an impact on these few privilege sales persons that they all requested a copy for them self, friends and colleges to give to this one recording without any advertising, promotions sold a million copies just like that if was in these days the 21st century, this recording would have gone viral, and the funny thing is it is still so relevant today.

I am very passionate about Self-Developent it has some fine sided to it, as time has gone by the massage has been hijack by many charlatans that come across as great Gurus but are only in it for money.

Me myself have fallen for the Mr or Mrs Motivator pumping you like a Gospel Church Paster, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the church or religion it is just an example how they present the message. You can get so gassed up, you end up being a professional Seminar attendee.

Do you know 99% of Self Development audiences actual doing nothing with the information and lesson when they attend. That is just crazy 99% Do Nothing No Action, that’s how the snake oil sales men of self development get away with it.

Because most people will by the bottle of snake oil take it home with them put it on the shelf and never open it til the next seminar where they will exchange for a new bottle of gas.

But when you listen to the founders like Mr Earl Nightingale, Jim Rhon, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Pealeand and Naeplolen Hill just to name some of a few, they had a strong message a powerful message a moving message most of all it was about doing Action.

It is giving you a message of inner power to do Masive Action, it was not all about feeling good, and meditating and cleaning your Aura

Massive positive action in your life, taking responsibility for it and going for it get busy living or get busy dying. They told you straight, Life is going to catch out and seem unfair, that’s the way it is face it and own. “It is not what happens you it is how you handle it that’s what counts” Jim Rohn.

Remember the secret it was massive it took the world by storm then it faded away because people said it did not work after a time. With the quick fixed society we forget I am not surprised but some principles where of value but people where not convince. It does take some hard work, learning, and belief in one’s self not forgetting time.

To be a G.O.A.T takes some work some boring repetitive hard work and that’s it

I do hate the so called Gurus who talk about a passive income that is a myth. Making a full time income while playing games on a laptop on the beach and all the while making thousands of dollars while they are a sleep and people buy into. Because they want a quick fix life is about hard work with purpose life without purpose is Drifting with no direction. The journey is always more important than the end destination and goals, and is not in most cases when you get there you instant need a new goal.

The Million Dollar Recording gave birth to so many ideas and possibilities is not hard to appreciate it. I have left a link To The strangest secret and some book recommendations.


Think and Grow Rich –

The Law Of Success In Sixteen Lesson –

The Magic Of Thinking Big –

Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway –

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