Was It In Me, Or Was Just The Fear.

Was it in me, or was just the Fear

Can I Change my Reality?

The lady of Faith, Her Sister Fate and their Brother Destiny

On the battle Field for Soul Stood the Opposite Three.

Fear, Doubt, & Death came to Destroy my Dreams

For What I am About to Achieve

I stood in the Light then I Breathed

Fate and Faith had other plans for Me

Destiny Called upon Courage and Love to come on our Journey.

On our Way to for Fill Our Quest for Success what will Find

We had to Leave Death, Fear and Doubt Behind.

We all Have a Purpose to for Fill

We all have the Will.

Potition Your Many Talent’s and Skills

Believe in your Self and Take the Red Pill.

Your Life is not Pre-Arrange

You’re not a Sinner we are all Ordained

So Get a Burning Desire and a Chief Aim

Smash down the walls and ripe down the Cage.

Use some Love even some Rage.

Dwain Laing

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